Blog’s Gone Wild… (aka Public)

Good Day to you, and Welcome to my Blog, Adreamade!

After debating whether or not I wanted to publicize my track journal, I have arrived at the final decision of public publication. My fears of judgement aside, this will be my outlet for documenting my stories, lessons, and ultimately journey as a track athlete.

If you are reading this, you now have access to my personal track journal which really means you have full access to my personal tellings of events I’ve encountered as a Canadian 800m athlete. As a forewarning, I consider my life to be a series of organized chaos, so please do not be surprised by some of the unorthodox situations you may find yourself reading about.

My intentions for this blog are to document an up-to-date track journ(al)/ journ(ey) and share some insight to my experiences as a full-time runner. I am hoping some of my Aha! moments are relatable and my readers find comfort or understanding in them. In addition, as a result of some situations I manage to find myself in, at the very least, I will be here for your entertainment.



Brief Introduction:

For readers who I have yet to meet, my name is Adrea Propp and I am a full-time, Canadian middle distance athlete. I was born and raised in Regina, SK and in the fall of 2015, made the move to Victoria, BC to pursue an athletic career with Heather Hennigar’s training group based out of Athletics Canada’s West Hub. The summer prior to this move I became student-athlete alumni of the University of Regina, completed a 5-week volunteer program in France, and returned to Regina. Only eight days later, I made the aforementioned move to Victoria and this came as a surprise to many people. For those of you wondering what I have actually been up to, here is the scoop:

I’ve had an amazing year and a half living on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. For anybody with doubts, my current profession is: Canadian athlete, not permanent vacationer.

The details are: I am a full-time 800m runner pursuing the ultimate opportunity to represent Canada at the 2020 Olympic Games. As the girl who was picked last in gym class and spent most of her time in the dance studio growing up, yes, this is all true, I am now training and competing as a full-time athlete. For anyone who missed my athletic transition through university, I can see how this seems like a surprise to many people.

Furthermore, when I am not training, I also work part-time at The London Chef, a cooking school in downtown Victoria. When I have both track, and The London Chef off, I am usually maximizing my rest and recovery by exploring new beaches, books, and hiking trails!

For everyone back home, I still consider myself a Saskatchewanian and am proud to represent what has been and always will be home to me. As a SK athlete, I am lucky to also be a member of an athlete-governed training group Vic City Elite. We are an elite, post-collegiate training group in Victoria, training to make our mark in the sport of track and field. Many of us are NextGen athletes and some have additionally reached Pro status by signing individual contracts. Together, we are a unique and diverse training group with members from all over Canada!  I can tell you right now, every member of this group is an incredibly talented and amazing person. It is very humbling to be a member of such a competitive group.


Thetis Lake, BC – August 2015


What’s Next?

Blog-wise, stay tuned for more insight and personal stories of what I’ve been up to!

Track-wise: Be prepared for some insider details on Athletics Canada National Championships and check out #ACTF2017 on social media for more information!

Travel Sneak Peaks: 2017 International Summer Tour (Europe!!)

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time!

Much love,


***Cover Photo Credit: Rob Denault, film, May 2017


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