International Summer Tour 2017: Day Trip to Ghent, Belgium

Good morning,

Once the jet lag and first race were out of the way, it finally hit me, I am in Europe!! 

The elation kicked in the morning after racing, and in addition to rest and recovery, my priority was to explore Belgium! After finishing my morning run and breakfast, word was out a day trip was being planned. For those who don’t know me, I am not what you would describe a morning person. After some serious hustling, I made myself presentable, packed a small bag, and boarded the train with fellow athletes Sarah, Dan, Rob, and Kinsey. Naturally, we passed time on the train ride with card games Crib and S.Head. Conveniently we all managed a win before pulling up to our destination, Ghent.


Ghent, Belgium – Gentse Feesten – 2017

Ghent- graf velo hand

Graffiti Art in Ghent, Belgium 2017 – Featuring Velociraptor hand

It was meant to be, the day we arrived was the beginning of the annual Gentse Feesten (festival) and there was a lot happening! This is a multi century year old, annual festival, that we so happened to stumble on! For more information on the festival itself, I recommend reading the review below.

As we crossed the canal we ended up running into our physiotherapist, Brad Curry with his family to be given the low down. In conclusion, we hit the jackpot choosing to come to Ghent! There were buskers, performers, music, food vendors, graffiti art and local-everything-you-could-think-of on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The water of the canal was intriguing, which we all agreed getting onto would be fun. Ultimately, our goal for the day was to find kayaks and figure out how to rent them. After a successful exploration loop of the grounds, success! We found the kayaks! Besides kayaking underneath bridges, through the canal, beside a castle, along weeping willow trees, while being serenaded by live jazz music- we got to kayak underneath the main stage as music was being performed. Needless to say, that was a definite highlight I won’t forget.


With a delicious dinner and awesome afternoon, we were all ready to go home into a food coma. We began walking back to the train, and by walk, I mean jog the last 5/10 minutes to make it on time. If you were wondering, yes we were all nice and sweaty for the ride home. That day we went to sleep with a full belly, warm heart, and tired eyes. I could barely believe how good the day was and slept soundly.

Good Food + Good Weather + Good place + Good Mood + Good Music


ghent wild flower vase

So you are probably wondering, How is this day track-related? 

In my experience in the sport of athletics, there are a lot of struggle days that sometimes cast clouds on the Good Days. For anyone stuck in the clouds, this article is not meant to gloat, but rather instil gratefulness and appreciation for the Good Days we have had, and are yet to come. I realize how lucky I am to have a Good Day on the track directly followed by a Good Day off the track. The day of a PB, a stand out workout or race, aha! moments, are all example of the multiple and varying forms of Good Days. However, the warm you to your core, or your face hurts from smiling so much are the rare days that become unforgettable. These are the days that make it worth it and I am grateful to have had this.

Track brought the five of us together and allowed us the opportunity to have an amazing and relaxing day as earlier described. But more importantly, at the track there are days that are and feel this good. For example. my previous post about racing a PB in Ninove, was an example of a good day at the track. These are the days worth remembering because they’re so good you don’t want to forget. It’s the days like these that keep us accountable to be better on the perceived less-than-good days. Upon reflection, a day kayaking under a jazz stage is a reminder to truly appreciate and be grateful because this isn’t an every day experience. I think this is a lesson and opportunity I was granted because of my involvement with the sport. I challenge those reading this to also embrace and appreciate their warm memories of the Good Days this summer has to offer!

Staying grateful, and until next time,



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