Rebrand: Canadian Women & Sport

In Fall 2019, I was invited to the CAAWS team and joined the Canadian network as a trained Workshop Facilitator to help create gender equity between men and women in sport.

Today I am pleased to congratulate and introduce the rebrand of CAAWS as: 🎉Canadian Women & Sport🎉

For more information on my involvement with Canadian Women & Sport continue reading below:👇

When I moved home to Regina, SK this fall, I was greeted with an overwhelming welcome home to my Saskatchewan sport community. As I reconnected with both Sask Athletics, CSCS, and Fast and Female I was invited to contribute to and join the SK-based CAAWS team.

Welcomed home to a Fast and Female Event – Saskatoon, SK

What is Canadian Women & Sport?

Canadian Women & Sport is a non-profit, “dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive Canadian sport and physical activity system that empowers girls and women—as active participants and leaders—within and through sport. With a focus on systemic change, we partner with sport organizations, governments, and leaders to challenge the status quo and build better sport through gender equity.” (CAAWS Website)

According to “Fuelling Women Champions” Initiative, a March 2016 Report was published which unveiled some unsettling statistics regarding gender equity in Canadian sport. Unfortunately, there is a significant drop off of female participation in sport at adolescence and a dire need for female role models in leadership positions. (See the link below for more statistics from this initiative)

What does a CAAWS Facilitator Do?

As a CAAWS Facilitator our goal is to empower women as leaders to have opportunities to reach the same finish lines as their male counterparts. The research already shows that women are starting at a different start line than males, and we believe we have identified contributing factors to this setback. Rather than dwelling on the staggered start line, we are focused on the creating the same finish line for women and men, in gender equity through sport.

Our team believes tackling this problem begins at the top. We want to normalize our young girls to seeing females in positions such as CEO’s, Board Members, Officials, Coaches, and Community Leaders in our Canadian culture. To help facilitate this, we offer Workshops to educate and connect communities, teams, and workplaces with tools and resources to empower female success.

As Facilitator’s, our SK-based Team delivers Workshops to empower communities in topics including:

  • Leading with Confidence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Influencing Change
  • Work/ Life Balance, and More

CAAWS CEO, Allison Sandmeyer-Graves comments, “Since 1981, CAAWS has been a crucial partner in establishing and advancing a sport environment where girls and women excel, not only in competition, but also as strong leaders in their communities,”

Previous Logo: Canadian Association of Advancement of Women in Sport (CAAWS)

What’s Next?

Today, I am grateful to be in a position to contribute to a safe, healthy, and empowered environment for females in and beyond sport; especially in a time where my fellow Canadian athletes and colleagues are taking brave actions to make this equitable environment a normalized and accessible reality.

To shed some light and hope after a heavy few weeks of news in my Canadian track community, I am pleased to congratulate and bring awareness to the rebrand of CAAWS as:

🎉Canadian Women & Sport🎉

Please enjoy the video below, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have 🙂

Much Love,