Agenda Adjusted

After we emerge from COVID-19 with the common goal of Global Health, I am hopeful for what comes next. Both in my personal capacity as a person and an athlete, but also on the grander scale of our values as a society. 

It’s been an ever-changing last few weeks, and upon reflection, I’m choosing to see a lot of good has come from this new normal, including:

  • A greater appreciation for bringing communities together, especially through the global and local community of sport
  • For the opportunity I have had (and hope to return to) competing as an elite athlete
  • Being in a sport I am still able to competitively train in despite the pandemic
  • In-person time spent with my family
  • Slowing down and listening to music
  • Creating art – innovating in general
  • Time spent to recharge
  • Having quality time going back to my roots
  • Embracing the importance of hope

For anyone who knows me, knows I still carry a paper-copy agenda and write all of my must-dos in here. As discouraging as it was to erase some important dates, I am excited and pleased to rewrite in some big 2021 events. The big ones including July “202(0NE)” Tokyo Olympics, with qualifying race dates reopening Dec. 1, 2020. In addition, Athletics Canada announced Olympic Trials are planned to be back in one of my favourite cities, Montreal next summer. Of course I know these could still change, but for now I find comfort in these plans. 

Since I’ve last checked in: yes, my training facilities are still closed and like everyone else, I train at home or outside on the empty gravel roads/ trails. I can’t wait to get back on the track, but I know that is coming, hopefully in time for some warmer weather too. In the meantime, I’ve stepped up my mental training, and am pleased with the works in progress.

The New Normal: There have been a lot of phone + video calls to catch up with my regulars, but I am so happy to be home-based in Regina. Although a good handful of people still cringe at the thought of me choosing Regina before the chaos, there’s no place I’d rather be. After having so much of what I want over the last few years, it feels good to feel grounded and finally have what I need.

My focus remains steady, and the agenda has officially been adjusted- (for those that don’t know, this mean business)! Now back to washing my hands, running the grids, cleaning my cell phone, and building my empire.

#ReginaAthlete #RunRegina #TeamAlger #WashYourHands

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