June 25: Nationals | Olympic Trials

Based on my World Rankings, I have been invited to attend the Olympic Trials in the women’s 800m this Friday, June 25, 2021. Yes, the same day as my Mom’s Birthday. Although it means I won’t be home for your birthday, Mom, I appreciate your support in the decision to accept this invitation. This means the next stop of my journey brings me to Montreal, where I am scheduled for two big races:

  1. Athletics Canada Olympic Trials – Friday, June 25
  2. La Classique de Montréal – Tuesday, June 29

It is no secret the talent and depth of Canadian 800m women is the best it has ever been. Regardless of final team selections, any of the Canadian 800m women who end up in Tokyo will be amazing both on and off the track. Having earned my spot in the Olympic Trials Final, I can imagine no better way to return to a track season post-pandemic than alongside these incredible women in pursuit of representing Canada at the Olympics.

Good things are coming and I am very excited to be sharing them with everyone who has been continuing to support my journey. A huge thanks to Athletics Canada and all of the other behind the scenes planners for finding a way to host this meet during the pandemic! And a huge thanks to everyone at home for your support in Sask!

Check out the information below for the details on the upcoming Olympic Trials race this Friday! To make up for the covid-19 protocols of no spectators, races can be watched for FREE with a 3-day trial on Athletics Canada TV! Click the links below for more information

You’ll catch the women’s 800m this Friday at 7pm (Montreal Time) or 5pm (Regina Time). See you then!

Photo Credit: Athletics Canada

Competition Schedule can be found at: https://athletics.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Trials-Schedule-June-18-2021.pdf?fbclid=IwAR03S160moCexgNfIZBIuoSBzzJGfjNeDxg_1uW6wbICxV-_ImESQkvzQmE

Livestream can be found: https://www.athleticscanada.tv/gprofile.php?do=news&mgroup_id=47401&news_id=621051&fbclid=IwAR1G0pQniVaXKHKnlxSKfHUhfi3u7cv7-14kFSfu0YCXmgxo_qk7JCa1SsQ

Entry List: https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/entry-list/olympic-and-paralympic-track-and-field-trials/469970/?fbclid=IwAR3RMo52WOzojbjHKFsCl8mxs9npRzpaA4RnTVwi0bAZc3y7JDTcEw66_U8

Olympic Qualification Criteria: https://athletics.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2020-Olympic-Nomination-Criteria-EN.pdf

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