Journey Updates

JULY 2020

After taking the last few months to focus on health, both physically, emotionally, and mentally I have returned with focus. The track is open, I have gym access, and the summer trails in Saskatchewan are beautiful. The opening date for when races will count begins on Dec. 1. I don’t know what the world will look like in December, but races or not, Al and I will be ready for them. In the meantime, Base Season continues- strong foundations are so important for what we want to accomplish this year.

APRIL 2020

The Tokyo Olympic Games have been rescheduled as Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games! There is renewed hope for the Games! For now, the world is prioritizing Global health as we collectively work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, Cities are in lock down, tracks, gyms, restaurants, public spaces, are all closed. Grocery stores are limited, Travel has ceased. Everyone is at home. Operation Flatten the Curve. As an athlete, time to mentally Shift gears for Tokyo 2021 and appreciate this time at home with family. Tokyo 2021, my agenda is adjusted.

MARCH 23, 2020

Today Team Canada announced they will not be sending a team to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in response to COVID-19. Receiving this e-mail is very emotional. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

JANUARY 8, 2020

As of Jan. 8, 2020 I am currently Identified by Canadian Olympic Committee on the Long-List of athlete’s to be potentially selected to the Olympic Team.

The Criteria to Stamp my Ticket to the Tokyo Olympic Games:

  • Race Olympic Standard or Faster (1:59.50)
  • Place Top 2 at Nationals
  • Score Well on World Athletics with Consistent, Fast Performances

There are still numerous lessons for me to learn in the upcoming months and I welcome you to stay tuned as my 2020 Tokyo journey continues!


After four years as an amateur athlete and helping bring Coach Heather Hennigar’s vision of a high performance training group at the Hub, Vic City Elite was established. It was an amazing four years calling Victoria home, and I am beyond grateful for the experiences and significant growth I had as both a person and an athlete. It was a necessary chapter for me to: fill my tool belt with skills, development, experience, network, and exposure to high performance sport.

After a brave decision to follow my heart, in Fall 2019 I made the decision to go back to my roots and move training back home to Regina, SK. It was important for my daily environment to be surrounded by family, friends and my coach and mentor Al, who I have that magic connection with. With my tool belt equipped and my heart full, I am excited to be training and actively building my 2020 vision into a reality.

JUNE 2016

Set the Saskatchewan Sr. Women 800m Record, 2:06.01. Have helped develop the Athletics Canada West Hub. Identified as a NextGen Athlete. Working towards the creation of a high performance training group, Vic City Elite


My name is Adrea Propp and I am a Canadian 800m athlete. I grew up on the prairies of Regina, SK and after graduation in 2015 from the University of Regina, was recruited to Victoria, BC in Fall 2015 to join the Athletics Canada West Hub as a full-time 800m runner. The Dream? To represent Canada at the Tokyo Olympics. I invite you to join me and follow my athletic journey as a Canadian 800m Athlete.