This space is to recognize the wholesome community I have supporting my athletic journey. My foundation is strategically comprised of everyday people who believe in both my process and my aspirations. In pursuit of my goals to run fast, there are years of training and countless people that are imperative to the success of those two minutes (or less). That success I owe to:

My Coach, Alger: The un-photographed legend, Alger. Thank-you for continuing to be a part of my journey, and a key ingredient in all athletes of Team Alger.

My Family Circle: I am so grateful to train at home and spend quality time together. To my four best friends, thank-you for taking my calls and being there for me- wherever life takes us.

Athletic Support: Thank-you to Sask Sport, Game Plan, and Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan for your continued facility, medical, and financial support as I embark on achieving my Tokyo Olympic Goals. Thanks to NUUN Hydration for Year #2 as a Team Nuun Elite Ambassador!

2022 Athletic Support and Partners

Community Involvement: Thank-you to the non-profits Fast and Female and Canadian Women + Sport for offering me a role to actively give back to my local community. The opportunity to empower young females through sport as a Fast and Female REAL Role Model and to empower adult women as a CW+S Facilitator is beyond rewarding and I am grateful to be in a position to grow confidence via sport.

Wellness Providers: My Integrated Support Team (IST) keep my body and mind moving and healthy with their professional expertise in massage therapy, chiropractic services, physiotherapy, and mental support. Carla, Alistair, Brad, Erin, and Sieger, thank-you for all you do!

If you or your business are interested in sponsorship or supporting my journey, please send me a message to connect, or to learn more about the benefits you can receive.

Thank You!