The First Entry: Beginning in Victoria

Letter to my future self.

Written Friday, Sept.11, 2015.


This is a year with a lot of beginnings. So that means a lot of starting from scratch; a lot of basics. It’s going to be hard- but the things that matter usually are, therefore, this matters. It’s September 2015 and the setting is an open canvas- an overwhelming, blank opportunity. So take it. Everything is going to be okay. There will be a job, friends, teams, PBs and success.

Just remember which units are being used to measure success and make sure they are units worth living for. This is the beginning of something good and I can’t wait to see where I end up!

Health, food, laughter, is all important, but don’t forget about the roots, the foundations that got you here.

Wow.  Pretty sentimental today. Anyways, you know what needs to be done. Make it honest and get after it!

Much love xoxo