Welcome to Adrea~Made!

My name is Adrea Propp and I am a Canadian 400mH + 800m T&F Speed-Endurance Athlete of Team Alger. With the guidance of my coach and mentor Al, the support of my family, and the Saskatchewan community, we chase the daily goal to learn and answer how fast can I run? 

My Goals + Philosophy = Why I run

My Goals As an Athlete:

  • Run Fast (Consistently Sub-2 in the 800m + Low 50’s in the 400mH)

My Values: 

  • Authentically choosing to be the best version of my self – through kindness, in a loving environment
  • Recognizing that I, and all others are worthy of respect, success, and greatness
  • Accountability to show up, be brave, and do things right.

My Why:

To enjoy the journey in the pursuit of discovering how fast I can run (while being smart, of course)!